Independent Local banks working for, controlled by & answerable to their customers


This is not a new idea.. This is a very old idea. This is a good idea, updated for today’s world and learning from yesterday’s mistakes. 

Our mission is to help create a network of technology rich, multi-channel banks to serve the every day financial needs of small and medium sized companies, ordinary people and local community groups. To help redress regional inequalities, make financial inclusion the norm, build and store community wealth, significantly increase the proportion of bank lending going to the ‘real’ economy and SMEs instead of the financial economy, build regional economic resilience and bring about a renaissance of customer service, relationship banking and mutual trust.

Regional anchor institutions, held in trust for the benefit of the current members and those that come after them.


This is a good idea.



Customer Owned Local Banking for Britain

What we had, lost and now want to rebuild


Banks for Local

Business, Organisations, Families

What we had, lost and now want to rebuild


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If you'd like a different sort of Bank, one that's owned by its customer, where all are welcome, which turns local saving into local loans and only does business it understands with people it knows, please let us know.

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We'll only use this information to help setup your local bank and we wont share or sell your details.

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  1. Scotland
  2. Nothern Ireland
  3. North East
  4. North West
  5. Yorkshire & Humberside
  6. Cheshire & Manchester
  7. Wales
  8. West Midlands
  9. Greater Birmingham
  10. East Midlands
  11. East Anglia & Lincolnshire
  12. East of England
  13. South Central
  14. West Of England
  15. South West
  16. Hampshire & Sussex
  17. Surrey & Kent
  18. Outer London
  19. Inner London

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