We believe that that our banks need to be built on Mutual Trust and that this is a two sided coin. There are both commitments that that bank has to make to its members and the members to the bank.

In the FSCS report "Mind the Gap" the UK banking industry rated second from bottom for trust in comparison to other UK sectors. A core value  of our banks is to build mutual trust between itself and its customers by being closely aligned with them, to act benevolently for them and to demonstrate consistently high levels of competence in what it does and how it does it.

The Bank has been designed to earn mutual trust by distinctively addressing the issues of alignment, benevolence and competence.

Aligned by ensuring that there is shared interest with its region by only operating within that region, protected from takeover and with the mutually beneficial outcomes being put back into its region.

Benevolence by removing potential conflicts of interest, not trading on its own account, being member owned, transparent and accountable.

Competent by aiming to operate to the standards and supervision required of a banking license, professionally staffed, partnership agreements

If you'd like a bank like this operating in your region, please let us know by registering your interest here.